HireHigher Course Outline

HireHigher is the most powerful hiring tool for contractors to get the best people to work for them.


Step-by-Step Guide

The 142-page eBook, filled with exercises, images, infographics, and the exact questions to ask every candidate make hiring great people fun and easy.

Video Walkthrough

The 27 videos put you in the shoes of the owner of a contracting business. In these videos you'll learn the entire HireHigher process and how the tools are used.

Tools to Keep You on Track

The tools you receive with this program give you question sets for various types of positions and at-a-glance information of where each candidate stands in the process.

HireHigher Course Outline

Chapter 1: How to Think about Hiring
If we agree that the best people will help us have the best businesses, then we need to start thinking about hiring in a new way. In chapter 1 we will show you why hiring is so important to the success – or failure – of your business.

Chapter 2: Who Sells Who?
Top candidates have multiple options of where they can work.  We need to put ourselves in the best light with the best candidates and sell them on the vision of our company. Here's how we do this...

Chapter 3: What are You Looking for?
Everybody is the right person for some job. The trick is to get the right person for your job. Chapter 3 goes through how to get clear on exactly what the position is so that you hire the exact right person.

Chapter 4: Where to Find Candidates
Once you've identified what the job is, and who you are looking for, it’s time to get people to apply and send you their resumes. Most companies simply post help-wanted ads on career sites, but there's much better ways to recruit. In this chapter we learn all the methods for recruiting, with career sites being the last stop.

Chapter 5: Resume Screening
Now that you have collected resumes, you need to screen them quickly. We need to separate the good from the rest so you don’t waste your time talking to everyone. We'll show you what to highlight and what questions to ask based on what's on the resume.

Chapter 6: Phone Screening
Phone screening saves time and money. Use our one-page Phone Screening questions as a quick and easy way to narrow down the candidates to those who are better suited for the job.

Chapter 7: The 1st Interview
Interviewing is what everyone thinks about when hiring. For the 1st interview, our candidate questions matrix gives you the 15 to 18 questions to get answers to for every job type, including leadership and managerial roles.

Chapter 8: The Second Interview
For the 2nd interview you'll use a different set of proven and ready-to-go questions. In this set of our questions, you will uncover the candidates motivation, drive and passion.

Chapter 9: Group Interview
Introduce your best candidates to your top people for their review. This chapter gives you the questions to uncover the ability of the candidates to interact with, and work alongside, your best people.

Chapter 10: Background Check
To clearly know who you are getting before you hire them, you will do a background check on everyone who gets to this stage. We'll show the solutions we use for this step of the process.

Chapter 11: Previous Employer Interview
To make sure we're not missing anything critical, we'll use our supplied criteria to have a conversation with the previous employer.

Chapter 12: The Offer
Different candidates call for different compensation and structural employment. In this chapter we'll decide how and what to offer the best candidate.

Chapter 13: Onboarding New Employees
You want to get the employee off to a good start and contributing quickly. You hired them for what they could do for you, and you need to bring that out of them right away. Here we'll discuss the best ways to quickly engage with your new hires to get them engaged and motivated.

The Most Complete Hiring Program

This is a complete, step-by-step program with all the questions and tracking you'll need to hire the best and propel your business forward.


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